Cisco Live! Melbourne 2018 Key Takeaways

I attended the Cisco Live! Melbourne 2018 conference last week. Great to be back for my 6th consecutive Cisco Live! and this year there were close to 7000 attendees!!

The key highlight for me was definitely the Data Centre Innovation Day (thanks to my Cisco Accounts team for getting me the exclusive invite) and “Meet The Expert” sessions. Technical sessions were also very informative but I found my time better spent with the Cisco Engineers from BU instead as I could always catch up on the technical sessions from the Cisco Live On-Demand Videos later anyway. They only fly over to Sydney from the US once a year for Cisco Live! so I had to make the most of it and get as much time as possible with them.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to write about DCID as most of the content is under strict NDA. All I can say is Cisco is continually innovating in their Nexus 9000 products and bandwidth won’t be an issue in modern data centers the near future.

It was great to speak to @Lukas Krattiger on Cisco Networking DCI and VXLAN designs and @Jason McGee on Cisco UCS issues during the “Meet The Expert” sessions.

The key takeaways for me was mainly the following products/technologies:

I will be getting my hands on CWOM to test soon and will blog about it shortly after.

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