Monthly Archives: July 2018

HyperFlex VM with Native VMware Snapshots VM not responding issue

I recently encountered an issue performing a snapshot-based VM backup using Avamar with the nested vCenter VM inside a HyperFlex cluster. This issue occurs when using native VMware snapshot backups and NFSv3 datastores. The issue is more prevalent with nested vCenter on HyperFlex with VMware as HyperFlex presents the storage as NFSv3 datastores to the […]

HyperFlex 3.0 Nested vCenter Bug with error “something went wrong in executing scripts”

I was recently installing a brand new HyperFlex cluster at a remote site. The plan was to use a nested vCenter as there were no other infrastructure available and being a remote site, the connection back to the head office would be too unstable to put the vCenter at the head office. As with all […]