HyperFlex 3.0 Nested vCenter Bug with error “something went wrong in executing scripts”

I was recently installing a brand new HyperFlex cluster at a remote site. The plan was to use a nested vCenter as there were no other infrastructure available and being a remote site, the connection back to the head office would be too unstable to put the vCenter at the head office.

As with all HyperFlex installs, the basic requirement is NTP and DNS. Obviously there wasn’t any NTP and DNS at the remote site so we had to spend time opening firewall rules and fixing routes for the installation OVA and ESXi servers to connect back to the head office for NTP and DNS. After getting the requirements ready, I kicked off the HX installer wizard from the OVA loaded on VMware Workstation on my laptop. About an hour into the install, I ran into error “something went wrong in executing scripts” just after completing the validations step.

I did a quick web search using Google and found the following bug being first on the list.


The bug had the following information:

Deploying HX 3.0 in ESXi environment with a planned Nested vCenter.
Deploy temporary vCenter outside of HX cluster install target.
Deploy HX cluster.
Re-register the HX cluster to a new vCenter which is deployed inside HX Cluster.

The bug affects HX 3.0(1b) and above and there is currently no fix as of this writing.

This bug totally caught me out by surprise as I was using the latest version 3.0(1d) and had been reading all the documentation saying that nested vCenter is supported. I had previously deployed a nested vCenter HyperFlex installation on 2.6(1d) without any issues so was definitely not expecting this.

I was sitting at a remote data center in front of the rack with my laptop connected and couldn’t continue any further. I had two options:

  1. Build a VCSA server somewhere on the network.
  2. Restart the installation with HX 2.6(1e) which isn’t affected by the bug.

Both options would be time consuming. The 2.6(1e) installer OVA was approx. 4GB and I didn’t have a stable internet connection to download it. Building a VCSA server back in head office would also require opening a bunch of firewall rules and routes to get it to work.

Luckily I already had a VCSA installer ISO downloaded on my laptop. As it was a remote site, I downloaded quite a few installer ISO files to my laptop as a precaution as I knew I wouldn’t have the required internet bandwidth to download large files. I ended up installing VCSA on my laptop by extracting the VCSA installer ISO and adding the VCSA OVF to VMWare Workstation. I only had 8Gb of memory on my laptop and the smaller VCSA install used 10Gb of memory so I had to set the option on my VMWare Workstation to allow memory swapping to allow both VCSA and HX installer to run at the same time. The laptop was struggling to keep up but it managed get the HX install back up and running.

Just a tip for anybody else thinking of doing a VCSA nested install on HyperFlex 3.0.

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