vCloud Director 9.1 Tenant HTML5 Portal Blank or Datacenter Not Found

One of the long awaited new features of vCloud Director 9.1 is the HTML5 portal. Note that in vCD 9.1, only the tenant HTML5 portal is fully “functional”. The provider HTML5 portal is severely lacking in functionality and is only complete in vCD 9.5.

One of the things that you would want to test after upgrading to vCD 9.1 is the new HTML5 tenant portal. However, upon logging into the default URL is that you are presented with the old Flex-UI portal. So, how do you get to the new tenant portal?

The existing URL for logging into the Flex-UI tenant portal is https://<vCD>/cloud/org/<Org>

The new URL for logging into the new HTML5 tenant portal is https://<vCD>/tenant/<Org>

Note that /tenant/ replaces “/cloud/org/”. If you mistakenly put it “/tenant/org/<Org>”, you will still be presented with the vCloud Director authentication page but you will be presented with authentication errors when trying to login.

After I successfully logged into the new HTML5 tenant portal, I was presented with the error “No DataCenters are Available”.

After doing some research on this error and testing in my environment, I found two common reasons.

  1. API certificate mismatch if using a load-balancer or firewall.
  2. vCD cell trying to resolve FQDN of the site and obtaining public IP which is NAT or load-balanced.

The fix for this is to ensure that a local host file entry exists for the cell pointing to it’s web listener IP address. Each vCD cell should have 2 IPs addresses, one linked to the web portal (http) and one linked to the console proxy. Add a host file entry for the FQDN of the site associating it to the http IP address.

If this does not resolve the issue, there could also be a mismatch with the certificates. Login to the vCD admin portal with administrator rights and ensure that the certificate chain in the Public Addresses API section matches the certificate installed on the vCloud Director cell.

To obtain the certificate of the vCloud Director cell, login to the cell’s http IP address, browse the certificate from the web browser and copy the certificate to a file.

Open the exported certificate file using notepad and copy the contents to the vCloud Director certificate chain section if required. I have found that you do NOT need the full certificate chain if using certificates purchased from a certificate authority.

Refresh the HTML5 tenant portal to check if this has resolved the issue. There is NO need to restart the cell or the vmware-vcd service.

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