Migrating my WordPress blog to Azure PaaS

After hosting my blog site on GCP for the past year, I decided that it was time to move the site to Azure and utilize its PaaS features.

I could have just migrated the site to a single VM running Linux and mySQL but that would have been just “boring”. I decided it’s time to do something new and embrace the change happening in the IT industry.

PaaS does have it’s benefits… no need to monitor the availability of the VM as well as being easily and highly scalable with almost no downtime. Obviously, PaaS isn’t for everyone and is highly dependent on the application or website. Being just a WordPress blog site using a mySQL database, the recently added Azure PaaS services (Azure database for mySQL and Linux Web App), seemed the best choice. Not being an expert in WordPress, I started “googling” for the best method of moving my site.

Most of the results of the search came up with old sites which described how to migrate WordPress to a different VM and doing database migrations. Big shout out for the following site which highlights the steps to migrate from one WordPress site to another on Microsoft Azure PaaS. I followed the steps precisely which worked very well.

I even followed the instructions up to the Part 3 which mentioned adding a CDN to the site. This improved the page load times significantly and as my site is fairly small, it’s almost basically free on Azure as CDN is charged per TB data per month. The only issue I found with the WordPress plug-in was that switching the setting in the basic tab to “on” corrupted the formatting on my WordPress site probably as my WordPress theme was not rendering properly so I had to change it to “off”.

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