Yearly Archives: 2020

Migrating my WordPress blog site to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

As Kubernetes becomes more popular, I decided to migrate my blog site from Azure App Services and Azure Database for MySQL to AKS and utilize Azure regions Australia East, West Europe and East US and providing security using Azure Front Door with WAF. As I used several sites as reference (sites listed below), I decided […]

Sysprep DscCore.dll error on Windows 10 Multi-session Build 2004

I was testing out the new Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) ARM deployment model with Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session 2004 build. Part of the deployment involves running sysprep to prepare a new gold image for Windows 10. However, when running sysprep from Windows Run command line, it fails without displaying any errors. Looking through the […]

Replacing Windows AD with Azure AD Domain Services?

Recently, I have received several questions regarding Azure Active Directory Domain Services; the main question being “Can I replace my domain controller VMs with Azure ADDS in Azure?” The answer as with most other queries is “it depends.. what do you currently use your domain controllers for?” Azure ADDS is like a middle-ground between a […]

Duplicating Azure Application Gateway via ARM Template for DR

I’ve been working with a customer to design a DR solution in Azure for a small environment in Australia East consisting of database servers, web servers and an application gateway and requires a cost effective DR solution into Australia Southeast. NOTE: This solution may not be suitable for everybody as it depends on the RPO/RTO […]