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Cisco HyperFlex Stretched Cluster Performance Testing – HCIBench

I previously performed some performance testing of my new HyperFlex Stretched Cluster using IOMeter. The feedback that I received from some readers was that IOMeter is an “outdated” tool which was used to measure performance of old storage systems and is no longer suitable for new hyper-converged platforms. Therefore, I ran another performance test using […]

August 2018 Intel Vulnerabilities L1 Terminal Fault – L1TF (CVE-2018-3646 / CVE-2018-3620 / CVE-2018-3615)

Summary Following the recent Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities from Intel, the latest wave of new found vulnerabilities disclosed by Intel on Tuesday, 14 August includes 3 new vulnerabilities affecting Intel Core and Xeon processors from at least 2009 – 2018. These new vulnerabilities are collectively known as “L1 Terminal Fault”. Vulnerability Overview Details for each vulnerability as […]

Cisco HyperFlex Stretched Cluster Performance Testing – IOMeter

I built my first HyperFlex hybrid stretched cluster last week and was interested in getting some IO benchmarks. Just how much IOPs can I get out of the system? I had previously did similar testing on a VSAN ready-node and could easily obtain the maximum IOPs of the system so was interested to see if […]

HyperFlex VM with Native VMware Snapshots VM not responding issue

I recently encountered an issue performing a snapshot-based VM backup using Avamar with the nested vCenter VM inside a HyperFlex cluster. This issue occurs when using native VMware snapshot backups and NFSv3 datastores. The issue is more prevalent with nested vCenter on HyperFlex with VMware as HyperFlex presents the storage as NFSv3 datastores to the […]

HyperFlex 3.0 Nested vCenter Bug with error “something went wrong in executing scripts”

I was recently installing a brand new HyperFlex cluster at a remote site. The plan was to use a nested vCenter as there were no other infrastructure available and being a remote site, the connection back to the head office would be too unstable to put the vCenter at the head office. As with all […]

Cisco HyperFlex and Nexus 3548 ping / ARP drop Layer-2 connectivity issue

I recently deployed a Cisco HyperFlex system with some old Cisco Catalyst 2960s switches. I now have this shiny new piece of tin which does 10Gb connectivity but the upstream switches were limiting it to 1Gb. It is also recommended to have jumbo frames enabled but the Catalyst switches required a reload to enable jumbo […]

CWOM Azure Pricing Issue – Upgrade required

I ran the CWOM “migrate to public cloud” plan yesterday, selected Azure and found that all the costs were $0. After a quick email to my contact at Turbonomic, we were informed that Azure had recently changed their APIs which caused CWOM v1.2.2 and below’s Azure API calls to fail. The fix is to upgrade […]

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) Review

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager or CWOM was one of the highlights during the Cisco Live! Melbourne 2018 conference. I got my hands on a trial version for review. CWOM is basically a re-badged version of Turbonomic with a few add-ins such as Cisco UCS templates used for server migration planning. Details regarding Cisco’s partnership with […]

Cisco Live! Melbourne 2018 Key Takeaways

I attended the Cisco Live! Melbourne 2018 conference last week. Great to be back for my 6th consecutive Cisco Live! and this year there were close to 7000 attendees!! The key highlight for me was definitely the Data Centre Innovation Day (thanks to my Cisco Accounts team for getting me the exclusive invite) and “Meet […]