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Automate Regional and Language Settings in Windows 10

Working on Azure Virtual Desktop, I found myself having to customize Windows 10 desktops with the local regional settings via automation with PowerShell cmdlets. A quick web search provided answers such a “Set-WinHomeLocation”, “Set-Culture”, etc. However, if you read up the documentation of these cmdlets, Microsoft clearly states that these are user settings and only […]

Sysprep DscCore.dll error on Windows 10 Multi-session Build 2004

I was testing out the new Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) ARM deployment model with Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session 2004 build. Part of the deployment involves running sysprep to prepare a new gold image for Windows 10. However, when running sysprep from Windows Run command line, it fails without displaying any errors. Looking through the […]

Azure AD Connect stopped syncing

Today, I received this email regarding my Azure AD Connect health status saying that it hasn’t replicated for 24 hours. Logging into the Azure Portal and checking the Azure AD Connect shows the same information. By default the AD Connect scheduler is set to sync once a day as a minimum so something was wrong. […]