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VSAN Deduplication – what they don’t tell you

I was asked about deduplication ratios for VDI today which brought back some memories from when I deployed a VSAN cluster a few months ago. It was a VSAN all-flash cluster (mentioned in my previous blog post) which I enabled deduplication and compression. I used Zerto to migrate some VMs for testing and found that […]

Zerto issue with VMware VSAN – Zerto-migrated VMs unable to perform snapshot or clone

I recently used Zerto migrate VMs from an old vSphere 5.0 cluster into a new VSAN 6.6 cluster. The VMs started up fine but I found that I could not perform any disk related functions such as snapshots or clones to the migrated VMs. All VMs that were manually created on the VSAN 6.6 cluster […]

Testing the Dell EMC PowerEdge FX2s VSAN All-Flash Ready-Node

I was privileged enough to get my hands on a Dell EMC PowerEdge FX2s VSAN All-Flash Ready-Node for testing. Hardware Overview The Dell PowerEdge FX2s VSAN All-Flash Ready-Node consists of the following hardware: 4 x Dell PowerEdge FC430┬áservers 2 x All-Flash disk sleds 2 x Dell PowerEdge FN410s IO Modules Each Dell PowerEdge FC430 has […]