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Automate Regional and Language Settings in Windows 10

Working on Azure Virtual Desktop, I found myself having to customize Windows 10 desktops with the local regional settings via automation with PowerShell cmdlets. A quick web search provided answers such a “Set-WinHomeLocation”, “Set-Culture”, etc. However, if you read up the documentation of these cmdlets, Microsoft clearly states that these are user settings and only […]

Duplicating Azure Application Gateway via ARM Template for DR

I’ve been working with a customer to design a DR solution in Azure for a small environment in Australia East consisting of database servers, web servers and an application gateway and requires a cost effective DR solution into Australia Southeast. NOTE: This solution may not be suitable for everybody as it depends on the RPO/RTO […]

Azure Tags – Automatically tag the Creator of a resource

Tags are one of the most useful features in Azure which allows for the grouping of resources using tags for various purposes including billing, charge-back, identifying resources of an application, grouping resources by department, identifying production/test/staging environments, etc. One useful feature would be to use tags to identify who created a resource. This could be […]